There was a story out this morning that indicated a Christmas tree shortage this year. They said there are about 30% fewer live trees available than in previous years. It went on to even spell out the problems consumers are having finding artificial trees. Much of that is being blamed on the bottleneck at the ports.

By the way, if that ever clears up you'll be able to score a great deal on one when they all start showing up in February. We are in better shape than most because we have so many places you can go to cut your own down. I always liked the smell of a real tree anyway.

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Here is a special recipe to help you keep your tree fresh if you get a real one. Take one or two-quart bottles of water and add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Then add one tablespoon of sugar and finally up to a tablespoon of bleach. Never let your tree run out of water and it will be much better for you at removal time.

The lemon juice adds to sap production for the tree. The sugar is obviously for the energy the tree needs and finally, the bleach helps to keep the mold and slime from building up in the tree holder. Be careful not to spill it if you have carpeting so the bleach doesn't go to work on your carpet.

We all know what a problem a dry tree full of needles can be when you try to get your four-foot-wide tree out of your three-foot-wide door...LOL.

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