Last night I was doing my rowing machine while watching the news and I saw a story that was just sickening. Girl fights. These are actual girls fighting, beating the crap out of each other.

The video they showed had a girl from a Las Vegas school district in the classroom being pummeled by another.  This victim was hit 30 times in the head while others in the classroom and the teacher watched.

Not only that, someone filmed the whole ordeal without intervening.

The poor girl lay there motionless with her head on the desk bleeding out of her nose and mouth. What is wrong with this country and society?

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One thing is social media. These people are looking for views and hits to become a star. Social media should restrict all things of this nature. Quit making these people stars and popular among their peers.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. have no problem taking down things that are conservative speech or anything else that goes against their mission statements. So, why can't this stuff be restricted so things like girl fighting can't become popular?

I pray that this girl did not suffer any brain damage or serious permanent injury. Violence is not free speech. People's opinions are their right regardless of left or right, liberal, or conservative. If so much filtering is used to control your message and thoughts then the same mechanisms should be used to filter this violence.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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