As of today, July 16th there are only 22 days left to purchase your 2015 MontanaFair ValuPass!  You might get lucky with NewsTalk 95.5 and win some!

The Billings Morning News show has a very simple contest that we are running for the next 3 Fridays in July.  We will ask MontanaFair trivia questions that span the 100 years of MontanaFair, and if you answer correctly then you win a pair of ValuPasses!  We'll have Sud's Hut certificates for runner up prizes too!

If you don't win a freebie on The Billings Morning News, they only cost $59.00 each and the ValuPass gets you into literally everything that MontanaFair has to offer August 7-15th.

You will get admission into the fairgrounds for all the activities, craft booths, free stage entertainment as well as the three big concert nights too including Supercross at the Grandstands!  It truly is the best deal, if you are planning on multiple MontanaFair visits in August.  The ValuPass is also transferable.  I purchase two and share it with my two kids every summer!

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