This is very cool: a Montana veteran-owned company is now the official jerky of the UFC.

I've been hearing great things about Anthem Snacks for a while now, but thanks to our "Giving Tuesday" radiothon that we did to benefit Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW), I got to hear a little bit more about their story.

Paige Billings with Anthem Snacks joined us on Tuesday's radiothon to talk about why Anthem Snacks is proud to give back a portion of the proceeds to WQW. Paige is the spouse of a military veteran. The founder of Anthem Snacks is a Green Beret. The company VP is a green beret, and another member of the team was an EOD tech (think bomb expert guy).

Paige Billings: Being veteran owned and operated is something that is really, really incredible for our organization- especially now that we're the official jerky of the UFC. And we've just started in 2020, so it's remarkable- our growth.

Nate Kouhana is the Anthem Snacks CEO and Founder, Purple Heart recipient, and former Green Beret. He had this to say about the news with Anthem Snacks and the UFC.

Kouhana: The partnership with UFC is more than just a business endeavor. As a 100% veteran-owned small business, we want to demonstrate that veterans are uniquely positioned to excel as entrepreneurs and to create and lead companies that thrive in competitive markets. I'm incredibly proud of this monumental next step in our growth and couldn't be more excited about the future.

For those who aren't familiar, the UFC is a big deal. UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. These mixed martial arts fights are VERY popular, especially with military personnel and veterans.


Full audio of Tuesday's Radiothon:



Credit Anthem Snacks
Credit Anthem Snacks


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