If you're a white woman, Sunny Hostin will trash you on The View. If you're a white man who pretends to be a white woman, Sunny Hostin and the rest of the hosts on The View will gush all over you.

The radical transgender activist lawmaker from Missoula, Montana was on the Left-wing daytime talk show "The View" last week. What's the best way to sum it up? Zooey Zephyr broke the House Rules in the Montana Legislature for bigoted remarks against people of faith, and the crazy hosts of The View were gushing over Zephyr with their own bigoted remarks against people of faith.

Why did Bud Light lose billions over their transgender activism? Why did Target lose $10 billion in 10 days? Hmmm, maybe because the radical transgender activists pushing for the removal of healthy body parts from little kids was a bridge too far?

One of the most disgusting back-and-forth's on The View was when the liberal hosts attacked Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) for being a "bad parent." Gianforte signed a bill into law protecting kids from the radical transgender surgeries and life altering drugs.

Because one of his kids lobbied against the bill, the hosts said that makes him a bad parent. I guess if your 6 year old wants a smartphone and social media accounts, and you don't give it to them- you're a bad parent too....you have to do whatever your kids tell you to do!

By the way- who is Zooey Zephyr? Click here for the full backstory.

Full video of the segment on The View: (Somebody has been collecting a lot of cash and got a makeover...)


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