Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02) kicked off his Eastern Montana Energy Tour as he is set to be joined by Arizona Congressmen Eli Crane and Andy Biggs at the Stillwater Mine, Yellowtail Dam, the coal mine in Colstrip, and the CHS Refinery in Laurel.

Rep. Rosendale: I think everybody recognizes the attack that the Biden administration has on our domestic energy from the shuttering of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which cost Montana jobs, it cost us $60 million dollars a year worth of revenue. But he's also shut down leasing of public lands that were set up to develop our energy resources on. They're making it more difficult for our critical minerals to be mined. We have so many critical minerals around the country. And unfortunately you've got this whole big agenda going on in the Biden administration right now that has put these ESG standards in place.

Congressman Rosendale also weighed in on the latest Congressional spending talks on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Rosendale: I will not support a continuing resolution because a continuing resolution- think about that- a continuing resolution, it will continue to support government, the Biden administration, at levels that I voted against for the last two years or policies that I voted against for the last two years.


Rosendale, Biggs, and Crane visited the Stillwater Mine on Monday. The trio will visit the Stillwater Dam on Tuesday.

Here's the full audio as Congressman Rosendale joined us briefly on the radio Monday morning as he kicked off his energy tour.

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