In February of 2022 tens of thousands of truckers rallied for the "People's Convoy" or "Freedom Convoy", an event for the history books. It was a massive undertaking by truckers around the nation to make noise surrounding frustrations among the people: They stood up for freedom of choice, ending COVID-19 mandates, and protecting constitutional rights.

And make noise they did. Truckers from around Canada, which later inspired American and Montanan truckers, disrupted traffic and honked their way together on the highway to freedom. Their destination? Washington, D.C.

Montana Talks covered lots of stories missed by mainstream media, and we want to take a look back in time.

Best Montana Talks Coverage & Updates on the American Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022

Montana Talks radio show brought local and statewide coverage, spanning all the way to Canada, of the Freedom Convoy of 2022. Check out some of the highlights of this massive protest:

PHOTOS: Throwback to President Donald Trump at Great Falls, Montana Rally

President Donald Trump had been in office for about a year when he visited the great state of Montana in 2018. His Make America Great Again campaign rally brought thousands of excited fans and voters to Four Seasons Arena on July 5, 2018.