When it comes to the hottest, most contentious topics facing the Montana Legislature during the recent legislative session- organizations like the Montana Family Foundation and the Alliance Defending Freedom were right there on the front lines fighting for parents and fighting to protect kids.

If you haven't heard, the Big Sky Worldview Forum has an incredible speaker for this weekend's event in Billings, Montana. Matt Sharp is the Senior Counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom. The event is taking place this Friday and Saturday at the Emmanuel Baptist Gym on the West End of Billings. Click here for tickets and you can show up at the door.

On Friday night, Sharp will tackle “Medical Rights of Conscience – from the Pharmacy to the Dr.’s Office” as well as “Parental Rights - from Schools to Sports Fields, Why are We Losing Them?”

Saturday morning, he'll hone in on “Protecting Youth from Gender Affirming Care” and “From Parents to the Legislature – What Can We Do?”

For those wondering what the Alliance Defending Freedom is all about. Here's what Sharp told us on our statewide radio talk show earlier this week:

Matt Sharp: We're a nonprofit law firm that's dedicated to defending free speech, religious liberty, marriage and family, the sanctity of life for all Americans. And we do so through both legislation, advising legislators helping them to craft bills that advance these objectives. But also through litigation. We've had over 15 cases at the US Supreme Court where we have been able to secure resounding victory for free speech and religious liberty, most notably this last term in the 303 Creative Case- recognizing the right of all Americans not be forced by the government to speak messages that violate their conscience, their belief. So we are involved in litigation, legislation, advising all across the country. And the best part is we do it free of charge.


Each time the Big Sky Worldview Forum brings speakers to town, we get a chance to interview them on the radio. Click below for our conversation with Matt Sharp:

*Note- my wife works for the Alliance Defending Freedom, as also referenced at the start of the above interview.

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