Thanks to Joe Biden and Jon Tester- the war on American energy continues.

Did you guys see this crazy headline on Tom Lutey's story for The Billings Gazette? Here's the headline: "No federal oil and gas leases in Montana in 2023."

You read the story and the reason why quickly becomes clear. The Biden Administration deliberately drove up the regulations on federal oil and gas leases in Montana. They also significantly increased the costs of bonding on a well, which squeezes out the little guys in particular. And, we have liberal federal judges here in Montana who constantly rule against American energy development.

In case you missed it, Kathleen Sgamma from the Western Energy Alliance testified about the "whole-of-government approach to stop American oil and natural gas" earlier this week on Capitol Hill. That's where she fact-checked AOC, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), on her bogus climate claims. We talked with her about oil and gas leases in Montana and more.

Kathleen Sgamma: Financial regulators, transportation, labor, every agency is attempting to prevent American production of the oil, natural gas, and coal that provides 80% of the energy to power our economy and enable the healthy, safe, and environmentally protective modern lifestyle that Americans enjoy. Government policies, as Europe is discovering, don’t make real energy appear, no matter how many billions of dollars are thrown at it. We’re all in this together, and I urge the administration to work with us, not regulate us out of existence.

Sgamma’s full testimony is available on the Western Energy Alliance’s website.

Plus, keep an eye on our "On Demand" audio page by clicking here for the full audio of our chat with Kathleen Sgamma. She joined us in the 8a hour on Thursday.

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