Check out this incredible sub-15 run by a Bozeman High cross country runner at the Nike Cross Country Regionals in Boise, Idaho. 
Thanks to our friend John Jackson, the Joker from Twitter, who joins us on the radio here in Montana. He shared the announcer coverage posted by Runner Space at
Announcers: Now in the closing strides Nathan Neil keeps the undefeated streak going in 2023. He'll go sub-15 here in Boise as the Nike Cross Regional Northwest champion. 14:49.6...Nathan Neil is now the king of Eagle Island State Park

406MTSports added this:

Neil broke the course record of 14:51 set last year by Tyrone Gorze of Central Point, Oregon, who is now at the University of Washington and will be a teammate of Neil's next fall.

By the way- check out this Montana Sports report on Neil via YouTube. As reporter Grace Lawrence shares, Neil is a Bozeman senior who has already committed to the University of Washington:


Wasn't that video of his run in Boise incredible? I remember as a high school kid I had no desire to be a cross country runner. Why run if you didn't have a basketball or football in your hand, I figured. After joining the military following the 9-11 terror attacks, I wished I had run cross country as a kid. I would have been better prepared for those 5 mile runs that's for sure. One of my favorite 5-milers was in Missoula, Montana running along the Clark Fork River when it was sub-20 degrees out and your eyelashes would be covered in frost.


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