The big question coming up at the national level is this: did Montana child protective services remove a child from her family because they didn't support her wishes of identifying as a boy? The State of Montana is not only saying that that would NOT be the basis for removal, they've issued additional guidance backing up that policy.

If you missed the story earlier in the week, a Glasgow, Montana family is calling out the state of Montana for placing their daughter into a care facility that was "socially transitioning" their daughter as a boy. They put "chest binders" on her, were dressing her in boys clothes, and referring to her as a boy.

Why was she removed from the home? Apparently it all started with a dispute over claims of "suicidal ideation" by the girl. (Click here for my interview with the family last week for more background from their side of the story)

Was a "gender dysphoria" dispute at the heart of why the State of Montana removed the girl from her home and placed her into a psychiatric treatment program? The state says no. The state says that has never been used as a justification for child removal. Regardless, Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) called on the state Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) to issue a clear, formalized policy to ensure that won't happen.

Here's the line that stood out to me:

While it has been standard practice, recent events require us to clarify that, standing alone, the allegation that a parent opposes and will not allow their child who has gender dysphoria to transition genders does not constitute such abuse or neglect.


One issue I would take with that statement though is this: why is "standing alone" included? Not wanting to treat your little girl as a little boy should never be included, even if attached to other allegations, as a reason for removing a child from a home. "Transitioning" kids leads to MORE harm down the road, as Europe has shown us.

Here is the full 5 page memo signed by the head of the Child and Family Services Division as well as the Director of the Montana DPHHS: attachment-Amendment to CFSD Procedure _Taking a Report of Abuse or Neglect__1.31.24


By the way, a TwitchTV conservative podcaster/local attorney (@LCTRfan) and I discussed this story earlier Thursday. Here's the audio:

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