Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) joined us as we wrapped up a weeklong tour traveling Montana and talking border security with retired Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem.

Senator Daines was one of the first on Capitol Hill to highlight the security concerns out of Central Asia earlier this year. Then, earlier this month we heard how Tajik nationals were allowed to cross our southern border, released into the country, and then basically re-arrested after it was determined that they had ties to terrorism.

Chief Chris Clem shared insights from his 27 year career serving with the border patrol

Chief Clem: "I want to make sure everybody understands, this is why I say it's a public safety and national security issue when it comes down to border security...They're up to no good. And we're seeing that kind of no good play out all across the country. I mean, we don't go more than a week without some heinous crime being committed by somebody who snuck in or who was arrested, caught, and released under this administration hurting and harming and killing American citizens.

That's part of what Chief Clem had to say Friday morning on the radio. Friday evening, Chief Clem and Senator Daines joined me for a fireside chat during an event put on by Americans for Prosperity-Montana.

We talked about the impact of the open border on Montana communities, including the drastic rise in fentanyl and an increase in violent crime across the state.

Senator Daines: "Montana is a northern border state with a southern border crisis. Biden’s wide-open border has left our communities exposed to the deadly scourge of illicit drugs and even record numbers of known terrorists who are exploiting Biden’s open border and making their way to major U.S. cities. Enough is enough. I was glad to join Chief Clem today to hear about his experience and discuss solutions to this national security crisis."

Full audio of Chief Clem on the radio Friday morning: 


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