Former Montana Congressman and former Lieutenant Governor Denny Rehberg (R-MT) is considering another run for Congress.

Rehberg is reportedly looking at running for Montana's 2nd Congressional District. This, as The New York Times is reporting that Congressman Matt Rosendale may announce his intent to leave the House and run for the Senate against Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy in the GOP primary. The NYT (quoting three anonymous Republicans) says Rosendale may announce as early as this weekend while the Montana GOP winter kickoff is taking place.

Denny held office for 12 years after first getting elected to the US House of Representatives during the 2000 elections. He held the seat as the lone member of the House for Montana. Since that time, Montana now has 2 seats in the US House.

I heard a few days ago that somebody included Rehberg in a poll of potential Republican candidates for the Eastern Montana Congressional seat, and I meant to reach out to him. But then I saw a Politico story saying that he IS eyeing another run, so I figured I better reach out to our friend Denny and ask.

Here's the full statement from Congressman Rehberg:

It's been humbling to have so many folks reach out and encourage me to look at the race. Jan and I are thinking about it and hope to soon decide if this is the right thing for us to do.
What I do know is we have an inept President , an open border with fentanyl flooding our communities and out of control spending in DC. Something has to be done. We need leadership.

If he jumped into the Congressional race, he would easily be the early front runner and, if elected, would enter Congress with the 12 years of seniority he previously acquired.

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