If you missed the big concert and the stunt riding events in Uptown Butte on Thursday night, don't worry- there is more to follow as Tim Montana and Colt Anderson and crew are rocking Butte, Montana.

We had a great time doing our live radio show from Bretz RV and Marine at their new Butte location on 5200 Harrison Avenue.

Butte, Montana's own Tim Montana joined me on the show ahead of his big concert in Uptown Butte on Thursday night. I told him how I wanted to go see him at the Wise River Club last Friday, but he was in Europe. (By the way, he plays Abeyance Bay near Eureka this weekend- which is an incredible location)

What was Tim Montana doing in Europe? He was on a well deserved family vacation. It was so cool as he told me about his new song that is already in the top 15 on the music charts. He also told me about breaking out his guitar while riding the train in Europe and all the Europeans were singing along to John Denver's "Country Roads." I gotta see if Tim got any photos from that.

So cool also to have Colt Anderson drop by and see us before his Dream Big Foundation youth sports camps kicked off in Uptown Butte. The University of Montana Griz football great, former NFL player, and Tennessee Titans NFL Coach stopped in at Bretz RV & Marine in Butte. We talked about him and his brother's hugely successful UpTop Clothing Company brand and more.

Here's the full audio of our chats with Colt Anderson, Tim Montana, and more.

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