Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) couldn't stop talking about how much he loves Montana. He says the trout are a little smarter than the fish he's used to catching down in Louisiana.

Senator Kennedy is one of the most entertaining and informative elected officials in Washington, D.C. He was back here in Montana for the Montana Republican Party's state convention.

He joined me on the radio the morning after Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump. 

Senator John Kennedy: "I don't hate anyone. I certainly don't hate President Biden. But if he were my father, I'd take away his car keys. And it's just sad, but it is what it is. I'm out here in Montana, to try to help my my friend Tim Sheehy become a United States Senator. The guy's a rockstar. We need him in the Senate. We don't just need his vote. We need his big brain, and we need his entrepreneurial spirit."

As you just read, Senator Kennedy was singing the praises of Navy SEAL veteran and Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy. He later called him a rockstar and a war hero.

I made the point that even if Democrats remove Joe Biden from the ticket, they still have Biden's failed policies with Senators like Jon Tester (D-MT) in the Senate.

Here's what Kennedy had to say about Biden.

Senator John Kennedy: He has mismanaged Congress. He's mismanaged COVID He's mismanaged the economy. He's mismanaged inflation. He's mismanaged regulations. He's mismanaged the border. He mismanaged Afghanistan. He's mismanaged the war in Gaza and the war in Ukraine. His appointees to the federal bench are from the loon wing of his party. I mean, it's just been a great disappointment. If you put President Biden in charge of the Sahara Desert he'd run out of sand.


Full audio of our chat w/ Senator Kennedy is in the 2nd half of the below podcast from the 9a hour:


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