Liberal Senator Jon Tester of Montana (D) has now raked in more than a million dollars in campaign cash from California, and that's just in the last 2 quarters of 2023- not for the entire time he has been a US Senator.

This is the same guy who campaigned against lobbyist cash in his first run for the Senate back in 2006, and has since been labelled the #1 recipient of lobbyist cash. This is the same guy who has grown his wealth by millions since becoming a US Senator. That's right- liberal Senator Jon Tester is now California's million dollar man in the US Senate, and he votes like it too.

To top it off, Tester is using the million dollars he raised in California at ritzy Hollywood fundraisers to run phony campaign commercials where he falsely claims he held Joe Biden and the Communist Chinese accountable. Tester was the guy who downplayed the China spy balloon that hovered over our nuclear missile silos here in Montana. He flip-flopped on TikTok, the Chinese app being used to spy on and influence American citizens

As Fox News reports:

Tester was pictured at a Los Angeles fundraiser on November 4th after the Montana lawmaker had already raked in astronomical amounts of campaign money from the Golden State...Some of Tester's fundraiser attendees have also been tied to corruption and discrimination allegations.


How did Jon Tester downplay the China spy balloon? Look at what he told CNN's Jake Tapper last April:

Jake Tapper: I know you can't tell us classified information, but do you feel that there was no military threat?

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT): I am much more comfortable with the explanation of what they collected as to being...let me put it this way- it doesn't put our national security at risk.



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