When it comes to Montana, Butte-Silver Bow is number one. The number one county when it comes to Montana plates is Silver Bow. Would they give up the top spot to Billings and Yellowstone County? (Not without a fight, of course)

That was the question raised by one of our radio listeners, Tim in Billings on Monday. He spotted the story via Twitter. I spotted the story at KTVQ.com. Let's just say Tim wasn't so sure that Butte would want to relinquish the top spot, but it sounds like he's up for the fight. (He must be a hockey fan)

A man originally from Chinook, Montana named Cody McCracken took to Twitter to "re-imagine" what Montana's license plate numbers would look like today if the numbers were based off of population data from the latest Census.

As you can see below, Yellowstone County would move from number 3 to number 1. Gallatin County and Bozeman would go from number 6 to number 2. The Flathead would go from the lucky number 7 to number 4, while Missoula would move up in the rankings to number 3. Butte-Silver Bow would drop all the way down to 8. The Bitterrooters would no longer be recognized on South Reserve Street by the number 13, and would pick up the lucky number 7 instead.


So, what do you think? Should Billings and Yellowstone County try and steal the number one slot from Butte-Silver Bow?

Anyone want to get in a fight with Butte? In the words of Will Ferrell in "The Other Guys"- You lose that battle. You lose that battle 9 times out of 10.

I can already see Rob O'Neill, the Navy SEAL from Butte who killed Osama bin Laden, breaking out his "Butte vs. Errbody" t-shirt.

(Language/adult content warning on video clip below)

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