When our friends at KJJR Radio in Kalispell sent me this story, I thought it was an old headline. Yeah, the tourist put the bison calf in the back of his rental car a while ago. Oh no...this is a NEW story- a tourist put an ELK calf in the back of his car, and drove it to the police station in West Yellowstone.

According to FoxWeather.com:

Park officials say visitors placed an elk calf in their car while driving on U.S. Highway 191 in the park and brought the newborn to the West Yellowstone, Montana, Police Department.

That's right Clark, Yellowstone tourists are the gift that keep giving all summer long.

It's already round 3 of the crazy tourist games in Yellowstone National Park. In the last couple weeks, a guy reportedly from Hawaii was fined $1,000 after pulling a bison calf out of the river. Then, we saw video of a woman getting a selfie with a bison bull in Yellowstone National Park.

I had to joke on Twitter earlier this morning:

Tourists to Yellowstone Park: You told us we couldn't put a BISON calf in the back of our car...you didn't remind us not to put an ELK calf in our car tho...

We need a good US Army Infantry drill sergeant to "orientate" people to Yellowstone National Park. "Alright, privates. I want you to stay away from my wildlife. Do not touch my wildlife." Tourists are like privates in boot camp, there's always that guy.


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