A Montana woman not only wrote a book about her experiences as a soldier in Iraq, she also started a podcast that is helping other female veterans open up about their experiences.

Dallas Knight is the author of a book called "Shattered Reflections" and the host of the "Not So Average Jane" (NSAJ) podcast.

Dallas Knight: The majority of the book was actually written 20 years ago, because it's the contents of a journal that I kept during my time in Iraq. And it was 2021, I found myself basically at the bottom of the barrel. I was in a very deep, dark place trying to crawl my way out...part of my healing journey started to uncover things that I had basically put in what I call a black box in the back of my head and neglected for 19 years.

In addition to her book, Knight says the podcast is a great way to connect with her fellow female veterans.

Dallas Knight: After the journal, I realized that there were probably a lot of other combat women who were either stuck in their journey and didn't really have a place- a safe place, a secure place- to share their story. And I wanted to be able to give that to them. So really that's the focal point of the podcast. I essentially have a very vulnerable conversation with other female combat veterans and we just happen to be recording it.


Full audio of our chat with Dallas Knight is below along with more Veterans Day coverage:



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