We thought we had just received some good news.

The Biden Administration recently announced that it will resume lease sales for oil & gas drilling on federal lands, but that it would also raise the federal royalties that companies must pay in order to drill.

That news came after a federal judge ordered the administration to follow the law.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon applauded the president for finally moving on the court order.


"The announcement of an upcoming federal oil and gas lease sale is welcome news, but long overdue. While we don’t know the exact number and location of the Wyoming parcels, after 15 months without a lease sale in our state, to learn that royalty rates will be increased and available acreage significantly reduced is hardly cause for unbridled celebration. I am concerned that these changes will have a chilling effect on Wyoming companies as they prepare their bids." said Governor Gordon.

But on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports,” White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy said,

attachment-MSNBC Screen Grab

“President Biden remains absolutely committed to not moving forward with additional drilling on public lands.” And said that the Biden administration “had no choice” to put out new drilling leases, “but they also found ways to reduce the size of that and its impact.” She also said that “we are making an irreversible change towards clean energy that no court is going to block because we’re doing it in a legally solid way.”

Side view of elegant man looking surprised when being caught on lie.

If we are to take her seriously then, once again, the president and his administration have LIED and are disobeying the law and a court order.

it seems obvious that America will not become energy independent again until we have finally run these people out of office.

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