First off, how the HELL did he get that bull in there?

Sure, maybe he didn't have a trailer.

So, what? Cut the side of the car open and...

I have questions.

I mean, does the car pull to the right with all this weight?

What if the bull decides he has to poop or pee?

Would that happen right in the car?

No amount of Febreze would fix that.

But you could drive through a car wash. Bet the bull would love that.

(AP NEWS) -  A car driving with a bull in it was pulled over by police in northeast Nebraska’s biggest city.

Don’t worry, he didn’t steer. (OH BAD JOKE AP).

Norfolk Police Capt. Chad Reiman said it didn’t take long for officers to track down the modified Ford Crown Victoria sedan with a bull riding shotgun after a 911 call about it driving on the main highway entering the city of roughly 24,000 Wednesday morning.

“We didn’t have a full understanding of it until we saw it,” Reiman said.

The car that Lee Meyer has driven in parades across the area for years has half the windshield and roof removed to make room for his bull, named Howdy Doody, to ride along.

A yellow metal cattle gate serves as the passenger side door — allowing for the Watusi bull to be tied up — and a set of longhorns serves as a hood ornament.

ACTUALLY... The driver had a legitimate excuse for the office. 

attachment-Steer Car Youtube 2

This is supposed to be a Nebraska Fair entry. Car, bull, and all.

The office let him off with a warning.

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