The funniest thing I've noticed about drivers in Billings is that the egos are big and the trucks are BIGGER. 

I'm obviously kidding, but when you combine the two it seems like drivers here are more aggressive. Coincidence? You tell me.

I just moved here about two weeks ago and on my way to work, I noticed something peculiar. I found that drivers going to and from downtown on the west side of Billings are more aggressive. And there's always a giant, lifted truck involved. 

I drive through the intersection of Division and Broadwater to get to the office downtown. It's a strange intersection due to the five-point, crisscross design.

Broadwater and Division Billings, Montana
Credit: Google Maps

The first week in Billings I experienced the most aggressive drivers which usually happens in the morning.

The trucks cut me off, or completely swerve around me and erratic drivers really freak me out...! 

It's like that worried parent voice is ringing in my head. I can hear my mom now:  "I'm not worried about your driving, I'm worried another driver will hurt you."

She wasn't wrong either. I'm always on the defense out here.

But I think I attribute the aggression from Billings drivers to having Colorado license plates.

With everyone I've talked to so far, y'all have that "Get outta my state attitude" and that's fair, you really love your state and hate to see it change with the outsiders coming in for jobs.

Wall of colorful old and new license plates in Colorado
Credit: PaytonVanGorp

Or perhaps the aggression comes from reacting to my “hippie-dippie” Subaru that annoys you. 

OR maybe, it's the fact people are late for school and work, so they fly through the intersection...

WHO knows?? Not me. 

What I do know: It’s the wild west out here in Billings, Montana.  

I’ll be getting my new plates next week and I’ll blend in with the rest of you so you’d never know I’m a transplant from Colorado.

But then again according to my colleague Trent, you just may be a transplant yourself...hehe.  


Nikki V. 

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