Today, one of our new co-workers ambushed me shortly before I wrapped up my show at 10 AM.  "Where is the dog??", she interrogated.  Before I could explain, she added, "I had my camera ready, I came in early for Wet Nose Wednesday, and THERE IS NO DOG!". I explained that sometimes things get a little hectic over at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter and on rare occasions, they don't have the staff on hand at 9 AM on Wednesday to bring the featured pet into our studios.

She accepted my explanation, but it just goes to show you how much we look forward to meeting a new dog (sometimes a cat) every week in our studios. Dogs have a way of melting people's hearts, and I feel like if we did get to meet our featured dog this week in person, he would've totally charmed our office.

YVAS, used with permission
YVAS, used with permission

Meet 'Icy Hot', a two-year-old Husky mix.

Would you look at those gorgeous blue eyes? At the moment he's got an interesting name, surely inspired by those piercing peepers, but you can always call him something else if you adopt him from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. He arrived at the shelter as an unclaimed stray, so they didn't know too much about his background.  His bio reads,

...we do know that Icy is super playful and is ready for adventure! His boundless energy and love for play would make him a great companion for an active family. 

Icy Hot has done well with other dogs at YVAS and is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and ready for his forever home.

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Need a barn cat?

Did you know that Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has a Working Cat Program? It's a way for them to connect at-risk cats with humans needing rodent control. Not all cats that come through the shelter make good indoor kitties. YVAS writes,

Our working cats are ideal residents for all kinds of locations such as barns, stables, warehouses, shops, arenas, breweries, garden centers, chicken runs, etc.  While they may not make ideal house cats, they can make for great mousers!  

Find out more HERE.

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