A press release issued Thursday (9/14) by the City of Polson Police Department reveals that one of its officers has been arrested for sexual assault of children, Montana Code 45-5-625 (1b) Sexual Abuse of Children.

Officer Matthew Timm was arrested on Wednesday by the Lake County Sheriff's Office, following an investigation by the Montana Department of Justice Criminal Investigation Division, and the Lake County Sheriff's Department with the full cooperation of the City of Polson Police Department.

Press release from City of Polson
Press release from the City of Polson

Details are sparse.

According to Polson Chief of Police George Simpson,

Our fundamental duty as officers is to serve mankind, safeguard lives and property, to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder. This is the mission, and we all took the oath dedicating ourselves to justice and honor. Officers who are found not honoring the oath have no place in this department.

The statement adds that an internal employment investigation is ongoing and that no further details about the investigation or Timm's employment status will be released at this time.

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OPINION: Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Of course. We all know that. And I understand that sick people who abuse children come from all walks of life. But if the allegations against Officer Timm are true, I hope justice is served to the fullest extent. Kids are taught to trust people in various forms of authority (like cops, firemen, teachers, clergy, other family members, etc.) and when that trust is broken, it honestly makes me sick. 

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