The Billings Symphony Orchestra is performing a show on February 23rd at The Depot and this performance is going to be different than others in the past.  

A part of the Sukin Series, The Henry Mancini Institute Quartet is performing Thursday, February 23rd and is playing a mashup of Celtic and Nordic folk music. This show is in replacement of the UK-based Albion Quartet which was unable to travel to Billings due to travel visa issues. 

This Quartet will perform Klap, Knock, and Stomp, an eclectic program with Celtic and Nordic folk music with works by American avant-garde composers Joan Jeanrenaud and Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)


The quartet is comprised of Rosie Weiss, violin, João Felipe, violin, Colin Priller, viola, and Esther Rogers Baker, cello.

Local listeners may recognize Weiss. She is a Billings native and learned to play violin from local music teachers and in the Billing Symphony Youth Orchestra, later playing with the Billings Symphony as a teen before attending the Frost School of Music, home of the Henry Mancini Institute. Perhaps Weiss is a musical genius; her resume sure proves it.


The Henry Mancini String Quartet will perform at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb 23, at the Billings Depot, 2310 Montana Ave.

This is an open seating event, with doors opening at 6 p.m. Make sure to get to the event a tad earlier than normal if you want an alcoholic beverage. The cash bar is available for people who show up early.

To purchase tickets, call 406-252 3610 or visit


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