I've got some mixed feelings about this year's first major snow, most of those are feelings of disappointment in the skill of other drivers. However, it seems that for the weekend, we are done with the snow. But that doesn't mean the cold is leaving, far from it actually. Don't put your winter coat away.

Below Average Temperatures All Weekend

These temperatures for Saturday (11/12) and Sunday (11/13) are actually somewhat warmer than other temperatures we've experienced this week, but it's still cold. I strongly recommend getting some sunglasses out though; the sun is supposed to shine all weekend, which should help clear up some of the snow from the roads and make it slightly easier to drive on them.

According to the National Weather Service, Sunday morning, expect to see a small chance of flurries before clearing up and warming to around 31 degrees. Monday (11/14) the snow is set to return with a high in the low to mid 30s. Tuesday is set to clear up once again, but again will stick around the low 30s for a high. It's true, Summer temperatures are truly gone now.

Entire Continental US Expecting Colder Temperatures

The NWS in Charleston, South Carolina released a map indicating that the majority of the continental United States should expect lower-than-average temperatures. Montana is one of the states at risk to having frigid temperatures through November 21st, so if you're planning on traveling for Thanksgiving, make sure you plan ahead and drive safely to your destination.

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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, the Winter weather is not likely to let up anytime soon. Fix some hot cocoa, tea, or maybe even a hot soup; it's the perfect weather for it.

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