The birds and the bees and the new babies at Zoo!

Daylight Savings Time kicks in this weekend and the first day of Spring is March 20th. As the calendar moves, so does the circle of life and this season has brought two new additions to ZooMontana.

They are absolutely adorable and these powerful little creatures can be quite fierce. ZooMontana's Jeff the Nature Guy shared a video today (3/7) of a pair of newborn wolverines. Check it out, below.

The first wolverine kits ever born at ZooMontana

While fairly common in Canada and Alaska, wildlife experts believe there are fewer than 300 wolverines left in the lower 48 states. Most of them are found in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington. Somewhat surprisingly, wolverines are not on the Endangered Species list. However, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has found them "warranted for listing."

Credit: ZooMontana
Credit: ZooMontana

Exciting news for the Zoo.

According to a press release from ZooMontana, the wolverine mom, dad, and new kits are all doing well following the January 31 birth. They wrote,

Ahmari, one of ZooMontana’s two Wolverines, gave birth to two kits on January 31st, the first Wolverines to be born at ZooMontana. The kits were first heard by animal caregivers and later found nursing in a den created in a hollowed-out log. The two babies appear healthy and are being well cared for by the new mother. Father Sid is interested but is being kept at a distance by Ahmari.

The young kits will reach adulthood by the end of the year, and viewing by the public is limited at this time as the baby wolverines continue to wean from their mother. Wolverines are fascinating creatures. Did you know they have horrible eyesight?

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