It's been over 18 months since the city of Billings switched a couple of downtown streets from one-ways to two-ways. North 29th Street and North 30th Street from Montana Avenue to 6th Avenue N. made the switch. Now that we've had some time to get familiar with the changes, the Downtown Billings Alliance is asking for your feedback with an online survey.

Johnny Vincent, TSM
Johnny Vincent, TSM

Confusing to out-of-towners?

When I first moved to Billings from the Gallatin Valley in the late 90s, I remember thinking, "what in the heck is up with all the one-ways around here?!" Bozeman had only two one-way streets in its downtown area, and as a Billings newcomer, the mishmash of one-ways, two-ways, and one-ways that turn into two-way streets in the downtown corridor was admittedly a little confusing. After a couple of decades in Billings, I'm quite familiar with our downtown streets. But I know many people who don't frequent downtown say that our one-way streets are confusing.

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More traffic flow changes could be coming to downtown Billings.

The City is currently preparing to restore more downtown one-way streets into two-way streets, including 3rd Ave North and 4th Ave North. This seems like a significant switch. According to the press release from the DBA, research indicates there are many benefits to making urban streets two-way instead of one-way, including:

  • Reduces car speeds as motorists encounter opposing traffic and narrower lanes.
  • Removes weaving in and out of lanes in single-lane cases.
  • Offers greater wayfinding and two-way visibility of businesses from both directions of the street.
  • Provides the convenience of arriving to a destination from two directions.
  • Creates a safer environment for pedestrians and motorists alike. 

They're asking for your input with a brief, six-question survey HERE about the switch from one-way to two-way on N 29th St and N 30th St. The survey is not about back-in parking (that's an entirely different pile of opinions). If you take the survey you have a chance to win a $25 Downtown Gift Card.

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