Delivery apps are the hot thing these days, after the COVID pandemic. Not even 5 years ago, the solution was to simply call up your favorite place and ask if they offer delivery. If they did, they'd either accept your card by phone or take cash on delivery. However, with the rise of Uber Eats and Door Dash... that has changed. But, are there still options for cash on delivery? Oh yes, there are. For Everything

Today, I learned about They bought CafeCourier a while back, and have merged it into one unified solution. Do they offer as many options as the big-name delivery apps? No. But, if you want a Cash solution... some compromises must be made.

Here in Billings, 48 options are available. Pizza, Subs, Mexican, Breakfast, Ice Cream, Japanese, Steak, and more. Sounds great, right?

Well, one downside of using this method is the delivery fee. Separate from a tip, this fee ranged from $4 to $7. That is quite a lot to have something delivered, and needing to plonk a tip on top of that so the poor driver makes something.

Beyond that, it is super easy to order. Create an account (or sign up using your Google or Facebook account as I did) and you're ready to go.

Other options

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Of course, some businesses still offer delivery direct. Such as Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa Johns's, etc. I've used Papa John's delivery with cash in the last two months, and it worked just as well as in years past.

The only advice I have is... use the app. Don't call these businesses and place an order. Most, if not all, big restaurants use an automated phone system to take your order... and it is painfully slow. Save yourself that headache.

What are your thoughts? Do you still use cash for delivery, or have you joined the debit/credit card revolution? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook.

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