For the last few days, Downtown Billings has been a sight that many haven't seen in years. A MASSIVE crane, taking over the DoubleTree Hotel and USPS Parking Lots, all in order for the DoubleTree Hotel to have brand new cooling towers added to the roof.

Heavy Lifting

This new cooling system for the hotel weighs in at a combined 200 TONS and is designed to replace the original system from 25 years ago (that had been experiencing issues).

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The crane itself was driven from Kansas, and assembled over the weekend between both parking lots, in order to handle this gargantuan task.

Credit: Fawn Thompson, Chief Engineer, DoubleTree Hotel
Credit: Fawn Thompson, Chief Engineer, DoubleTree Hotel

I'm not sure they let our buddy Fawn continue to run the crane... but who knows, maybe she is the one causing all this racket!

One Floor Below

What's unique is OUR experience with this, as Townsquare Media resides on the 23rd Floor of the DoubleTree Hotel (Which, is the floor they are installing these new units on top of). What has it been like for us so far?

Aaron Flint: The building shook... and I got woozy... too many IEDs...

Me (Josh): I run whenever this building wiggles from the wind. The constant banging, drilling, and construction sound MIXED with movement on the building... I'll be out of the office.

The Breakfast Flakes: (No comment as their schedule is early mornings... and I usually don't wake up before 9 AM)

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