As a guy with a beard that has a mind of its own, I've spent the last 4+ years living here in Billings bouncing from one shop to another. These days, I have found my go-to shop, and that is based on experiences with others.

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Though, what are the highest-rated shops in Billings? Here are the top 5 (including my input if I have been to them) Barbershops in Billings, based on Google Review data.

5. Austin's Barber Shop - 4.9 Star Rating on Google - 182 Reviews

An old-fashioned business at heart, I found Austin's quite a few years ago before moving to Billings, situated in an old strip of businesses off the road in the heights. I knew it was good, based purely on how many people were waiting, and how fast they were in and out. If you're looking for a quick clean-up without fuss, Austin has you covered.

4. The Man Shop - 4.5 Star Rating on Google - 189 Reviews

This is the current shop I visit, thanks to a combination of proximity and overall welcomeness. I've never had a bad experience, and the staff goes above and beyond to not only remember you... but their systems remember exactly what you get, so you don't have to repeat yourself every visit. It's nice. Plus they've got arcade games while you wait.

3. Ballistic Barbershop - 4.7 Star Rating on Google - 217 Reviews

Owner Kimberly Stratton and the team at Ballistic are another great choice if you're looking for a cut on the west end (or, the "old" west end... as I have been informed 24th Street simply isn't the "west end" anymore).

2. Rebels and Razors Barber Club - 4.6 Star Rating on Google - 284 Reviews

Rebels has been one I have ALWAYS heard mentioned when someone wants a cut, and honestly, I've only gone once. Blame the downtown parking for that. Though, this shop is loved by many for its precise and high standards on a cut. Whatever you are expecting, is what you'll get here.

1. Bishops - 4.8 Star Rating on Google - 670 Reviews

Finally, the top shop in town, Bishops. I've never been here myself, because they are the BUSIEST shop in town, hands down. And it shows. The absolute highest standards for hair come from this shop, and they offer it all, including a good beard trim.

What is your go-to shop in town? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook.

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