Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced today the state will receive over $1 million from a national settlement with Publicis Health, a global marketing and communications firm. This settlement resolves investigations into Publicis' role in fueling the national opioid crisis.

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Publicis acknowledged its harmful conduct in the agreement, which aims to provide financial support for treatment, recovery, and infrastructure development in communities impacted by opioid addiction. Montana will receive $1.07 million of the $350 million national settlement.

"The opioid epidemic has devastated Montana families and communities," said Attorney General Knudsen. "This settlement holds one responsible party accountable and provides critical resources to save lives."

Publicis' marketing efforts for opioid manufacturers like Purdue Pharma contributed significantly to the crisis. Court documents reveal the company developed sales tactics based on private patient data and played a key role in marketing OxyContin through electronic health records.

Hundreds of Montanans have died from prescription opioid overdoses in the past 20 years. The epidemic's toll extends far beyond financial costs, impacting healthcare, child welfare, and criminal justice systems. More importantly, it has torn families apart and devastated communities.

This settlement signifies a step towards accountability and provides resources for Montana to combat the ongoing opioid crisis. The funds will be used to support treatment programs, build recovery infrastructure, and ultimately save lives.

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