Today at ZooMontana, Pabu the Red Panda has chosen the Philadelphia Eagles to win the big game this Sunday!

After 4 riveting minutes, of Pabu wandering around to interact with the spectators for this much-awaited event, and saying hello to our competing radio station hosts (Hi Big J and McLovin!) Pabu found the two bags with treats, and without hesitation chose the Eagles!

I feel bad for the Kansas City Chiefs fans at the event, as Pabu clearly has something against them. Oh well, time will tell. Don't forget, the big game is this Sunday on Fox at 4:30 PM Mountain.

Thanks to Jeff The Nature Guy at ZooMontana for live streaming this major upset for the KC Chiefs!

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How can I watch without cable?

If you're like me, you have moved on from the highway robbery known as television and into the streaming universe. A collection of a la carte options just fits nicer. But, if you want to watch the big game, only a few options exist.

  • The easy way: Grab a cheap Over The Air Antenna from Walmart. They screw onto your TV, and you can get Fox for FREE. These antennae cost around $30.
  • The quickest way: Sign up for Hulu Live TV, Youtube TV, Sling, or another service for a month.

Will you be watching the big game this Sunday? If so, let us know on App Chat or Facebook, and send us photos of your big game day party!

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