From the Billings Police Department via Administrative Lieutenant Matt Lennick:

On the evening of February 7, 2024, the Billings Police Department received a tip from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that a bomb threat had been intercepted involving Skyview High School.

The Billings Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were able to determine the threat came from a Snapchat account of a current student at the school.

This student was located and it was quickly determined the student was not involved in the threat being put out via their Snapchat account.

Further investigation led Billings Police Officers to a second student who admitted to taking the phone of the other student and posting the threat as a joke on their Snapchat account.

This student, a 15-year-old local male, has been charged with Disorderly conduct (transmitting a false report or warning of an impending explosion).

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Billings Police Department is continuing to work with the school, and at this time there is no threat to the community or the school.

Snapchat Parental Controls

Snapchat has created "Family Center" to give parents access to their teen's Snapchat account. It allows you to see:

  • Your Teen's Friends
  • Who They Message
  • Restrict Content on Stories and Spotlight
  • Report Abuse to Snapchat

If you want to set up Snapchat Family Center for your teens, click the link below to learn more.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think schools should allow cell phones in school? Are parents doing enough to control the usage of apps and the internet on kids' devices? Let us know on App Chat or Facebook.

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