In a day filled with power-related drama, one of our close buddies here at TSM (Wayne Wilcox) shared some DEVASTATING news on Facebook today... about some old "pals" of us Billings residents.

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The Return... Or, Rise Again... of Rise Again Tattoo?

Say it ain't so, Joe! Turns out, the troublesome duo who terrorized Billings during the Holiday Season just last year are supposedly coming BACK to Montana on some sort of Tattoo Tour or... whatever.

Michael had a great writeup (above) on these twits up and leaving Billings overnight, taking money from quite a few Billings residents who pre-paid for Gift Certificates they never got to use... and thankfully, Century 21's Wayne Wilcox along with MANY Billings Tattoo Studios came together to honor those certificates, and fix the issue those two tattooed twits caused.

New Name, New Location, Same Human Participation Trophies

After leaving town, they went AWOL for a while... until a post on the Havasu (Arizona) Orchids & Onions group on Facebook caught wind. Not really sure HOW they did, but they did, and they rallied Billings to rain down on these living examples of underdone biscuits.

As far as we knew, they set up shop this past summer in Lake Havasu, Arizona... under the NEW name of "London Bridge Tattoo". Oh, the IRONY is killing me.

Round Two... Fight!

Now, over a year since these two with the personality of a bowling ball left town, they have popped up... AGAIN... on social media.

Of course, how could you come BACK to Montana and use such a tarnished name as "Rise Again Tattoo", so they have once again renamed themselves as...


Wow, that must have taken a LONG time to come up with. That brainstorm must have reached "light drizzle" status.

Anyhow, they're on their way back. Oh, joy. Just what we want.


You can see on their LATEST Instagram account on their Reels, that they are planning a trip back to Montana and just announced that... Yesterday. So, keep your eyes open for these two.

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The only way to KEEP things right is for these two to STAY AWAY from Billings. We don't want you, at all. We already have a LONG LIST of AMAZING tattoo artists.

I'm sure Arizona has the crayons ready... so they can explain that to you when you arrive back in Lake Havasu.

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