According to the National UFO Reporting Center, a strange flying object was reported near Belgrade in the fall.

While there are no photos of the object, according to an article by Roger Marsh, who is a freelance writer out of New York, it appears that the thing in question was either a huge disc or a cigar-shaped object.

According to the report, there were two witnesses, a father, and a son who were driving to the Bozeman/Yellowstone International Airport from the city of Bozeman when they both claim to have seen the unidentified flying object.

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According to the article by Mr. Marsh, the father went on to say that this was the first time he had ever witnessed a UFO, while his son claimed that this was his third encounter with an unidentified flying object, with the first two sightings happening in California.

The two saw the UFO between Sacagewa Peak and Saddle Peak.

Of course, this isn't the first UFO sighting in Montana, in fact, there is a rather famous sighting (the Marina sighting) that took place back in the 1950s, and is believed to be some of the first footage of a UFO.

Undefined flying objects in the sky. UFO.

Another interesting sighting took place at Malstrom Airforce Base outside of Great Falls back in 1967. At the time, Malstrom was a Comand Center for the Minuteman Intercontal Balistic Missles. Officers reported seeing strange lights above the missles back on that March night several decades ago.  What would happen after, would never be forgotten by those that witnessed it.

According to reports, right after the unidentified lights were seen, the missile command center went offline until the next day without any type of explanation. In fact, one of the officers reported that he was made to sign documents by the United States Government to never talk about the events of 1967.

UFO landing at night in the forest with trees and stars.

So are UFOs real or not?

I suppose it depends on what you personally believe.  For me, it's hard to imagine that in a Universe so vast, we're the only ones out there. What about you? Have you ever seen a UFO? If so, tell us about it by sending a message to our station app.

Credit: Robert Marsh

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