Montana has some of the best fishing spots in the world, so I have heard. Every angler has a fishing tale, but they never tell me where they caught "the big one". It is usually a big secret. To fish in Montana you are going to need to learn a few things about the laws and regulations. If you need a Montana fishing license, they are available throughout the state. Anglers in Montana will also need to know what species of fish you can keep and which ones you can't in Montana. 

Thanks to the Watercraft Inspection Stations in Montana

Montana works hard to make sure we have good places to fish. They work hard on keeping our lakes, rivers and streams free of invasive species that can damage our aquatic environment. There have already been watercraft this season that have come into Montana that have had invasive species on them. I thank the people that are working at our watercraft inspection stations. It can be a tedious and thankless job.

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Be Aware of Transporting Live Fish in Montana

It has been years since I have been out fishing, so I know there have been changes in the laws since I was last out with a rod and reel. Due to invasive species, there are laws regarding what you can do with live fish in Montana. It is against the law to bring into Montana live fish to be used as bait. It is also against the law to move live fish, aquatic plants, or invertebrates from one body of water to another. It is also unlawful to transport surface water.

The Montana Laws can Carry Hefty Fines

These regulations, if broken, can carry some very large fines (up to $5000) and can even be felonies. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, you can't assume other states laws apply to Montana. Even within Montana laws can vary. Please keep up to date on Montana's fishing regulations before you go out and try to land the big one.

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