Snuggling Down in Montana? 10 Movies Not to Watch This Holiday

Holidays are upon us, and it means family gatherings for food, fun, catching up and even falling asleep in the chair while watching a favorite holiday movie.  More than likely, it is a show that is popular, and a main staple for each holiday get together.


But what about movies that you absolutely love to hate when the holidays come around?  Are there specific movies that you refuse to watch?

The Favorites Are Easy to Pick, But the Bad Ones?

Favorites are easy.  A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman all come to mind.  Or maybe something like Home Alone or The Santa Claus.  Or the favorite in our home, Die Hard.  Easy, peasy, right?


What about movies that don't make the grade?  The one's that need to remain on the naughty list as to never grace the silver screen again.  Yep, there is a list for that.

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How Many of These Are in Your Video Library Right Now?

While the classics never go out of style, some of these shows never even scratched the surface of being, well, good.  Some of these found by Wealth of Geeks are so campy that they borderline on giving you a sugar overdose.  Others go the exact opposite of that and infuse gore into them.  At the holidays?  Really?


What say you?  Do you have a favorite holiday movie to hate?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, through the appchat feature or hit me up with your answers in an email here.

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