My mind is blown right now. I don't know how anyone could say that Glacier National Park is one of the worst ranked National Parks in America, but someone went and did it.

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Even if I wasn't living in Montana and had the "hometown" pride for Glacier, it'd be hard for me to agree that Glacier ranks at the bottom of the list for National Parks. However, before we pick up our pitchforks let's see just WHY it ranked so low.


The website Travel Lemming recently ranked all 63 National Parks by data and even they say the results are "surprising."

How were rankings determined?

From Travel Lemming,

Here’s what we did: we researched and analyzed thousands of data points to rank each US national park on 6 factors: crowds, reviews, weather, affordability, accessibility, and biodiversity (more on methodology below).

Okay, so looking at this right off the bat, I can see how weather is going to hurt Glacier. I mean the Going to the Sun Road is only open about 4 months a year, so that's gonna push Glacier down.

Where does Glacier rank?

When I said it was at the bottom, I meant it, Glacier came in ranked #59 out of 63.

Weather was #47, Accessibility was #53, and the worst of all was Affordability.

Glacier came in ranked #63 of 63 National Parks. A hotel stay can run you on avg $701/night according to Travel Lemming.

Well I'm a bit more calm now. I get how using their metrics Glacier can seem like one of the worst "values" for a vacation.


So now what?

I wonder, is this a good thing? Plenty of Montana residents bemoan the tourists that come here, but so many make their living from tourists.

I doubt one article is going to make people stop all together coming to Glacier, but seeing it rank so low can't help.

What do you think? Are less tourists because of this ranking a good thing, or do you think it will even matter?

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