The Best Mexican Food In Montana

For being so far away from the southern border the residents in Montana sure love Mexican food.

Maybe it's all the spices that can warm us up during the winter. Whatever it is, we can't seem to get enough of this cuisine.

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Look at any bigger city in Montana and you are sure to find multiple restaurants serving up some great Mexican food.

Now I don't want to talk bad about Taco Bell because I, and I'm sure most of you, have been saved by Taco Bell late at night some weekends.

It's just when you are talking about the "best" you are going to want a bit more authentic cuisine to curb your craving.

A table covered with different types of mexican cuisine

Finding the best Mexican food in each state is what Eat This, Not That set out to do.

Traveling from state to state and sampling food from all over Montana they decided on a place in a tiny space next to a barbershop.

Who Has The Best Mexican Food In Montana?

The outside of El Vaquero Taqueria in Helena

El Vaquero Taqueria in Helena, Montana

What makes this no-frills little takeout counter for Mexican street eats the best in Montana?

According to Eat This, Not That,

You better come hungry when you walk through the doors because the portion sizes here are massive! We heard Helena may not exactly be abundant in great food options, which really makes this sing. Order the chicken enchiladas with mole sauce, or maybe even the Patron Taco Salad if you're feeling really ambitious.

Looking at their Yelp reviews it seems people really agree with as they currently have a 4.6 rating.

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