BUTTE, MT - If you're reading this in the state we think you're reading it in, trust me: we've all been there before. You're going to be okay.

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Sometimes, we all like to go out, have some fun, and maybe have a little bit more to drink than we originally intended. Perhaps you were lining up shot after shot at the bar with some well tequila, doing body shots off of strangers, and stumbled from bar to bar with a group of people who you thought were your friends (but were actually a bunch of people you just met, who are now your friends; it all comes full circle.)

Or maybe you were at a family member's house, hanging out with the fam and containing the inner beast inside of you—who wants nothing more than for you to drink and subsequently suffer—until your younger cousin mentioned how you suck at drinking and they can take you anytime, anywhere, even RIGHT NOW! So you accepted the challenge and are regretting it.

Whatever your boozy situation was, we don't judge you. We just want you to feel better so you can do the same thing again tonight.

Here are the top 5 hangover cures to help you get back out there and rally.

The Top 5 Hangover Cures to Help You Rally

We've all been there before: the throes of painful existence, every body part throbbing, your head feeling like Arnold Schwarzenegger's punching bag, and your heart filled with the terror that accompanies regret. Don't worry, we got you.

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Though everyone is different, these are some tried and true Montanan hangover cures that will at the very least give you a reprieve in your demonic woes. In the end, perhaps the next time you may consider pacing your drinks out and popping a glass of water here and there. Or, screw it, go full throttle for the 1000th time.

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