So we are still trying to figure out all the details about what happened last night at the fair. Apparently, there was a shooting between some youth that sent a person to the hospital.

Right away a couple of questions come to mind. Number one, they have metal detectors that they use every time there is a concert. So if it's important to keep everyone safe at the concert it should be just as important at the fair. No one would care if they had to walk through.

Number two, is this going to keep you from turning your kids loose at the fair for the night or the rest of the week knowing about these rivalries apparently exist? More importantly, we had a woman call this morning emphasizing that "things are crazy now and are getting out of hand".

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In my opinion, I can tell you when this started. It started a few years ago when people like A.O.C. started their war on police and the defunding and disrespect for law enforcement. The problem has compounded ever since. All the criticism and focus is on the police.

Protestors Call For Defunding Of Los Angeles School Police Department
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Now cities allow shoplifting for up to $900 without prosecution. Police have been warned not to pursue someone in traffic trying to get away. And from now on every time there is a shooting, the initial blame is put on the police unless proven otherwise.

All of these policies and approaches have led criminals to be more brazen and willing to challenge. They also know they have a friend in social media sites and news organizations that will make law enforcement the bad guys. And people are wondering why things are getting out of hand?

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