Of all the days to do it, to do it on 9/11 is about one of the most despicable things a President has ever done. Yesterday, President Joe Biden and his Democrat Secretary of State Antony Blinken un-froze the 6 billion dollars in assets that we were holding up because of their terrorist ways.

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This leading nation of terrorists that harbors terrorists around the world was detaining 5 Americans until their demands were met. So, on 9/11 after America vowed never to negotiate with terrorists the United States caved because of this P.O.S. Joe Biden.

This country that cries death to America, and celebrates the burning of our flag. This nation is so close to having nuclear-grade plutonium and would not let our nuclear inspectors in.

This nation that did not comply with anything in the Iran Nuclear deal but got our cash was awarded handsomely yesterday by Joe Biden and the Democrats. That sick demented corrupt crook who sold his country out for millions to the Ukraine and others.

You don't believe me listen to his own interview holding up a billion dollars in aid until they quit looking into Hunter's crooked deals. This move was a slap in the face to all of those who died on that day and all of the brave men and women who died afterward punishing those who deserved it. Of all the days, they pick something as sacred as 9/11.

This man has no love for his country and should be locked up for selling his position to foreign adversaries. November of 2024 can't come quick enough for me...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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