A Man With No Merit

If Pete Buttigieg were paid on performance, he would have been fired over a year ago. Our transportation secretary in this country is worthless.

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That's what happens when you put a party hack into a position that he is not qualified for. Pete Buttigieg is a joke. With a 50-plus billion dollar budget, he has done nothing to improve our transportation networks around the country.

We still have ships off the coast waiting their turn to be unloaded. The rail system in this country needs an overhaul for safety.

Travel's Biggest Headache

The main rat screw in the U.S. is the airline and airport situation. There have been more computer shutdowns and air traffic problems than ever before. So many cancellations and delays now make it a nightmare to fly. If you fly, and it goes without a hiccup or disruption, it's a miracle.

You would think that this anti-corporate nut would at least improve the protections for people flying...nope you have to beg and scratch for anything if your flight's disrupted or missed. Yesterday alone, there were 2,600 cancellations and 7,900 delays because of the weather. We should still be able to fix this broken system to cut these problems in half.

The pandemic requirements that the government put on the airlines had a lasting effect, as well, and will take years to fix. That's why on the Flakes trip we make sure we only have one stop in the winter... We just don't want the hassles.

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U.S. Government Says there Aren’t Aliens in these Colorado Domes

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