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What if I don't WANT an electric car?  "But, Mark, they're super fast!" Good. You buy one. I'm perfectly content with the old combustion engine setup that my vehicles currently utilize.

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I was reading an article in Motortrend magazine over the weekend. I learned that they are going to quit making my beloved Camaro after 2024. And it likely will be replaced with some electric job. No, thanks.

Everybody is already talking about how they think that they are going to charge that many electric cars. And in a related subject, what kind of lack of range are you willing to put up with in your new (and I'm guessing quite a bit more expensive mode of transportation)?

Human Error Causes Guy To Be Stranded

Kevin Killough who writes for the Cowboy State Daily. He has a story (that I reposted on my personal Facebook page) about one poor guy that it took 15 hours to get from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Casper. I looked it up. It's 176 miles.

I'll bet that trip would be fun when it's twenty degrees below zero. And you're sitting at the charging station twiddling your thumbs. I don't know exactly how long it takes in cold weather to charge your fancy new electric car.

(Editors Note: Rivian R1T supports DC Fast Charging at 350kw, however, you need to find a charger capable of that. If you find such a rare charger, you can go from 10% to 80% in 45 minutes according to

But I know that I can refill my gasoline tank in just a few minutes, get back in, and drive for hours and hundreds of miles.

(Editors Note: Rivian estimates the R1T to have 400 miles of range on a full charge, which should have been more than enough to make this journey... if the user was charged fully. There are fast chargers in both Casper and Cheyenne, according to so this is a case of user error.)

And whatever year all of the big automakers go electric, I'll buy the last vehicle that still requires good old-fashioned gasoline. And I'll pay whatever they're asking for it.

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