I have the perfect idea for all students that have to meet some kind of volunteering requirement for graduation.

This weekend is the big Great American Cleanup. Here locally we have always called it Bright and Beautiful. What a great time for the kids at the schools to get out and get some things cleaned up. There are so many different areas that are a mess that could really use some help.

I stopped the other day in a little pull-off by the highway to fix a gate post that was broken and I couldn't believe the trash. Everything from diapers to bottles to rolling papers to shoes, you name it, it was tossed.

Garbage in park

Get a bunch of your buddies to go out and clean something up. By noon take a break go have some lunch, throw your wrappers in the trash and get another four hours in. Before you know it you have met all your graduation requirements.

There are free trash bags available for the day and people will even drive around and pick up the bags of trash for you. Heck, just clean up the areas around your school or road leading into it and you've done your part.

Credit: littleny, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

The local Bright and Beautiful organizations even have areas that need some serious cleaning that you can go to so reach out to them if need be. Believe me, if there is a road there is trash on it. The weather should be good so get off your butt and get this volunteer stuff taken care of.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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