Every coyote hunter that I've ever talked to has always taken the time to explain how they are the best of the caller of coyotes that god ever put on this earth. And the weekend of February 17-19 it's gonna be a bad weekend to be a coyote.

So we had guests this morning that are running the 3rd annual Mt Hunt Life coyote derby. And this particular derby is a calling contest. So you can't trap. And you can't use airplanes. (yes in our state, sometimes death comes from the sky when you're a varmint) Also, teams can have 2 or 3 members and all team members must hunt together. And you can hunt anyplace that you can get on, as long as you are back to check in by 1 p.m. Sunday. And I didn't know this but in Montana, you can hunt coyotes at night. So that tells me that there are going to be some high-dollar rifles with even higher-dollar thermal sights.


It's being held February 17-19. Sign-in is Friday night at the Rhoadside Event Center next door to the Blue Cat in Huntley. Sign in between 6 & 8 on Friday night. Then you have to be back Sunday with your coyotes by 1 p.m.

$25 for a big dog. And $25 for a little dog. And they are also raffling off a Tika T3 Lite in 22-250. Tickets are 20 bucks apiece or 6 for $100.

If you've got questions you can call either Tyree 794-5362 or Blaze at 591-6973.

You can also follow them on Facebook. Their page is MT Hunt Life, Coyote Derby.

And to the coyotes, you can run but you'll just die tired.

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