It is a hidden gem that only us locals know about. Im talking about the Nimrod Hot Spring on I-90 near Bearmouth. For most driving along I-90, they see what appears to be a stagnant pond, or green puddle on the side of the interstate highway. But, upon closer inspection, you will find a hidden oasis. Including it very own cave/grotto.

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No matter what body of water you swim in this summer will probably have some treasures on the bottom. I can barely count on all my fingers and toes the number of things I have lost while floating the Blackfoot. I have donated at least 3 pairs of sunglasses, and one set of house keys to the water depths of Thibodeau Falls. Not to mention the occasional capsized cooler that resulted in a human chain of people downstream catching and collecting our precious barley pop.

mitchel-wijt via
mitchel-wijt via

Underwater explorer and Youtuber named Jake and his channel D All My D, has been traveling around the world searching for lost treasures. During his journey, he has found countless amounts of sunglasses and keys. Occasionally he finds an iPhone or even jewelry. A few years ago, Jake took his underwater metal detector under the surface of Nimrod in search of treasures left behind. See what kind of treasures Jake found while searching underwater in the Treasure State.

What kind of interesting treasure have you found on the bottom of your favorite swimming holes? You may be surprised by the number of things people lose while swimming or just simply recreating Montana waters.

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