Most Montanans are under the belief that if a student rides their horse to school, the principal is required to take care of said horse. I looked for that law extensively on the Internet but could not find it. Nevertheless, if one believes something is true, especially a law, they should probably act accordingly. And that's exactly what the administrators at Three Forks Schools did recently.

A few weeks back, a couple of students rode their steeds to school. We are in Montana, after all. And as most believe he is required to do, Mr. Hayes, the principal of Three Forks Middle & High School, swung into action. He also enlisted the help of Mr. Lynch, his vice-principal, and the superintendent of the Three Forks School District, Mr. Elliot.

According to Montana's School Transportation Policies & Funding document, horse stables and hitching posts were common at Montana schools well into the 20th century. And some of Montana's rural schools even maintained them as late as the 1960s. Even the first 'school buses" were actually horse-driven here in Montana and required a horse barn to maintain them.

There's not a town in the state more Montana than Three Forks. So, it's great to see the kids keeping Montana traditions alive by riding a horse to school. By the way, if anyone can find the actual law showing that a principal must take care of a student's horse, I would love to be able to reference it. Perhaps it doesn't really exist, and if that's true, how about we make it so by passing it into law? That's a law I believe we can all support. It's so Montana!

Montana Law says admin must take care of horses of their students. We are following the law!!

Great kids!!!

Posted by Three Forks Public Schools on Friday, February 5, 2021

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