The anticipation is really starting to build! We're just a couple of days away from finding out if Missoula will play host to ESPN's College GameDay for the Brawl of the Wild. The college football pregame show picks a different location to broadcast from every week and they usually set up shop at the home stadium of the most hyped and meaningful game being played. Of course, if you're taking the temperature of just Montanans there's no bigger game in all of the land than when the Griz and Bobcats go head-to-head.

Let's make it happen!

We've been updating you for over a week about the community effort to show ESPN that Missoula is the only acceptable choice for their November 20th broadcast location. We've had Griz fans posting like crazy on social media, celebrity endorsements, more celebrity endorsements, and members of the football world showing their support for Griz Nation.

This is an interesting endorsement.......

Some eagle-eyed Griz fans have zeroed in on a tweet that was made by Chris Fallica earlier today.

Wait, who's Chris Fallica?

If you're a regular viewer of College GameDay you might know 'The Bear' from his appearances on the show. He's grown to become a personality on the show but he's been behind the scenes as a stat guy and producer for 25 years. You can see in the tweet above that somebody reposted the hype video from the 2019 Brawl of the Wild and 'The Bear' reposted it with his apparent approval of ESPN bringing the show to Missoula.

Does it mean anything?

I would like to think that the tweet is a subtle peek inside the minds of the decision-makers at the mother of all sports networks. Perhaps he knows the answer and he's saying something without really saying something if you know what I mean. But I suppose I could be reading into things just a bit too much. After all, his Twitter profile does say, "all thoughts are my own and not my employers."

The suspense is killing us

We'll get our answer soon enough on ESPN College GameDay's plans for November 20th. Whatever way the decision goes, it's been fun to see Griz fans come together for a common purpose these last two weeks. We would love for Gameday to be here for the Brawl of the Wild but we'll take a Griz win with or without the show on campus. Go Griz!

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